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School Focus And Mission 2021-2022

Every student, family, and staff member known, safe, inspired, challenged, empowered.

General Information And Policies

Abbreviated School Days

Do Not Drop Off Students Before 9:25.Abbreviated hours are 09:40 a.m. – 1:50 p.m. Tune into the local TV News for information about delays or school closure. Buses also run on the two hour delay. Morning childcare programs are closed on the mornings of abbreviated schedule.


Our goal is 97% in school, every day, on time!

Regular attendance is essential quality learning. Students are rewarded during honor roll for maintaining perfect attendance. Call the office to report absence as either: Doctor’s appointment, Illness, or Family Emergency.

Excessive Absences

Schools will identify and provide intervention strategies for students with unexcused absences.

School-related activities taking students out of school are not included when evaluating excessive absences. A student is not allowed more than ten (10) school-related absences per class per semester.

State law requires schools withdraw a student after ten (10) consecutive days of absence, but only after the school has exhausted its effort to keep the student in an educational setting through a variety of interventions.

Schools may not use out of school suspension or expulsion as punishment for truancy.

Attendance And Tardiness/early Checkout

The state department awards our school extra points if students are in class 95% of the time. Good attendance is essential for success in our learning program.

  • A parent/guardian must notify the school that the student will be absent by calling (505) 764-2008 or by bringing a note to the office.
  • A parent/guardian must notify the school each day that a student is signing out before the end of the instructional day by calling (505) 764-2008 or by bringing a note to the office.
  • Teachers will take attendance for each instructional day.

Absences may be excused for the following reasons with appropriate documentation:

  • Illness (including chronic illness documented on a health plan, IEP, or 504 plan)
  • Limited family emergencies or family deaths
  • Medical, health, or legal appointments
  • Suspensions
  • Religious commitment
  • College visit
  • Deployment of a military parent as defined in the "Military Children" procedural directive
  • Limited extenuating circumstances as approved in advance by the school principal

All absences for other reasons are unexcused including:

  • Non-school sponsored activities or trips
  • Family vacations outside of the normally scheduled school breaks

In APS, a student is considered "a student in need of early intervention" (truant) at five (5) unexcused absences and an habitual truant at ten (10) unexcused absences in a year. School staff will make an attempt to contact the parent/guardian if the school has not received notification of absences by a parent for three (3) consecutive days. Principals may request additional documentation for excessive excused absences.

Students who are tardy for class receive consequences according to district guidelines adopted by each school. Consequences for being tardy will be determined by the school administration. Examples of consequences include time in an alternative academic or community service setting (i.e.. lunch, recess, after school, Saturday school). Students cannot be checked out 10 minutes before the dismissal bell rings.

After School Child Care

Community for Learning is located on our campus. Registration will be held throughout the year. Specific information on costs, hours of operation are available by contacting CFL coordinator.

Behavior - Office Discipline Referral

We are a Positive Behavior Support School (PBS). We teach three core values: respectful, responsible, and safe in seven areas in the school where we model the expected behavior. Our staff uses Tiger Paw tickets to acknowledge good behavior. Students can trade the tickets at “Tigers Den” which is a small store in the cafeteria.

Staff uses an Office Discipline Referral Form to document infractions. If the behavior is a “minor” the teacher redirects the students. If the behavior is a “major” the teacher sends the student to the office for administrative action.

  1. The principal will ask the student to call home and inform parents of the infraction and consequence.
  2. The student will take a copy of the Office Discipline Referral home for parents to sign and return to school the next school day.
  3. If a student receives 3 Office Discipline Referrals in a trimester he/she is ineligible for honor roll.
  4. A student may receive in school or out of school suspension. The parent meets with the principal for an immediate conference the same day.
  5. If a student is assigned Time Out (loss of recess) parents are notified and the student does not play outdoors for the period of time assigned.

Bus Referral If a student is disruptive on the bus, an incident report is written by the driver. When this occurs, the following action will be taken:

  • 1st Referral – Warning about behavior and parent notification.
  • 2nd Referral – 1 day off the bus and parent notification.
  • 3rd Referral – 3 days off the bus and parent notification.
  • Subsequent referral – A conference with parent, student, and principal will be held to formulate a plan for 5 day bus suspension.

Conference with Teacher

When you have a concern or need more information about your child’s education program, we encourage a conference with the teacher to discuss the issue. Call the school to speak with the teacher to set up a meeting.


We use district adopted materials to follow Common Core State Standards in the areas of reading, language, writing, science, social studies, and mathematics.

We incorporate ELD, CAFÉ, DAILY 5, GLAD and AIM 4s learning strategies. We encompass support programs, community resources, and media/technology. Our students are also taught skills and concepts in physical education, art/music, library skills, guidance and computers.


Parents are asked to pick up their child at the designated area in the back of the school at the end of the day.

Dress Code

The Board of Education expects student dress and grooming to promote a positive, safe and healthy atmosphere within the school. Students may NOT wear:

  1. Attire or accessories, which advertise, display or promote any drug, sexual activity, gang association, violence, disrespect and/or bigotry.
  2. Excessively tight or revealing clothes, short shorts, bare midriff, low-cut and/or off the shoulder blouses or undershirts less than three inches.
  3. Spiked jewelry, chains, and belts with more than 2 inches hanging in excess, sagging/baggy pants, and excessively large hoop earrings.
  4. Hats indoors; and must be worn properly outdoors.
  5. Make-up and excessive jewelry – unless it is part of a performance.
  6. Flip Flops, “heelies”, shoes with untied laces are a safety concern.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Students are not allowed at school before 8:15 a.m. Only persons listed on the enrollment card can pick up a student with an ID. Parents are never allowed to pick up their child from a classroom.

Helpful Guidelines for dropping off and picking up (lead by example)

  1. Show respectful behavior to the crossing guard and staff on duty.
  2. Do not drop off students in the bus or fire lane but park your vehicle on the west side parking lot and ask your child to meet you there.
  3. Inform your child that if you are not there a few minutes after dismissal to go to the office and wait for you there.

Cell Phone and Electronics Policy

Students are allowed to bring a cell phone to school but it must be turned off during the school day. Visitors must either turn off or place on vibrate his/her cell phone when volunteering or visiting. Electronic music devices are not allowed at school.


Birth certificates are required to be enrolled. For Kindergarten, a child must be at least five years of age prior to 12:01 a.m. on September 1 of the school year. To be in first grade, the student should have completed a full year of kindergarten.

Field Trips

A permission slip signed by a parent must be submitted to the teacher before a child can participate in a field trip. The teacher will send permission slips home a few days in advance of the trip. Only APS Field Trip Permission Forms can be accepted.

Homework Guidelines

Homework is a way to help your child develop work and study habits that will assist him or her through the years spent in school. Help your child develop some routines that will help in successfully completing homework:

  1. Set a daily homework schedule and designated area to study and keep that commitment.
  2. Provide quiet time while your student works at the designated study area. A place where he/she is not disturbed by younger children or pets.
  3. Become interested in your child’s homework. Ask him/her to show the homework to you and to explain what the assignment was about.
  4. Attempt to help your child; if a problem arises, that you cannot work out together, send a note to your child’s teacher to set up a conference.

Honor Roll Assemblies

Students will be recognized for good attendance, scholarship, citizenship and dual language participation. Grades 3rd-5th will provide criteria for honor roll at Open House.


All students must present a certificate showing immunization against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio (oral vaccination), Varicella, Measles, (Rubeola, Rubella). Students will not be allowed to register until proof of appointment is shown.

Insurance and Medicaid Enrollment

The Board of Education makes a student accident policy available to all students in APS. The policy is optional and is explained in the brochure sent home each new school year. Parents can enroll in Medicaid at the school with an appointment.

Instructional Council (IC)

The IC is the school’s decision-making body. The IC consists of the principal, a union representative, teachers elected by teachers, ancillary staff and parents. If you are interested in being a parent representative, call the office at 764-2008.

Lunch Program/Cafeteria Rules

Breakfast and lunch are available to students. Breakfast will be served in the classrooms from 8:30-8:45 am. If you pack your child a sack lunch we ask that you not send high fat sugary foods. Soda is not allowed in the cafeteria and if brought the student will be asked to put it back in the lunch pack.

Lost and Found/Identification/Clothing Bank

Write your child’s name on the inside of your child’s clothing and printed on school supplies. Contact the office if your child is in need of clothing. Fill out a permission form and an authorized adult will take your child to the clothing bank for clothes.

Open House

This event is structured to provide our parents with a formalized opportunity to learn about our overall instructional program and receive a preview of each teacher’s instructional plan for the coming year.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences are mandatory twice a year. Conferences promote the cooperative relationship between parents and schools. This partnership is vital to the success of the child in school.

  • Before a conference write down what you want to ask the teacher about.
  • At the conference, focus on the child and volunteer information that will help the teacher work more efficiently with your child.
  • After the conference, review and discuss the conference with your child. Point out strengths first and then areas in need of improvement.

Parent Chaperones/Volunteers

The primary role of field trip volunteers is to assist the classroom teacher with the supervision of his/her class. A background check is required of all volunteers. Due to liability concerns, volunteers cannot bring other children on field trips.


Pets should not be brought to school unless arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher for the care of the pet. Parents are to check with the teacher before allowing their children to bring pets to school.

Playground Supervision

Every child can expect a safe playground to play in. Any child who is acting in an unsafe manner will not be allowed on the playground and instead will be redirecting to the principal. Redirection requires an Office Discipline Referral. Redirected students will need to report to the lobby area during their recess, as designated by the principal. Intervention strategies are used to teach the level of our safety expectations.

Principal's Newsletter

The principal will publish a newsletter throughout the school year with information and announcements that are important. If there are community events that need announcing, contact the office.

Bilingual Education

Students will receive Dual Language in English and Spanish in grades K-5. The bilingual program includes 60 minutes of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for students who are not proficient in English.

Clothing Bank and Locker 505

If your child is in need of clothing for school and a back pack of food for the weekend pick up a form with the counselor.

Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)

The CAI Lab creates individualized instruction for each student in reading and math. Every class is scheduled for one 45 minute session per week at a level where they will be successful and challenged.


The counselor helps families and individual students at risk of academic failure gain self-esteem and academic skills needed for success through individual or small group counseling. Students who need more help to outside providers.


Our librarian instructs classes as well as aids individual students and teachers on the library and its uses. The librarian is a resource person to the community.

Health Office

The health room is available to every student in the school. Students who become ill at school will go to the health room with a nurse pass. If the illness or injury is serious the parent and 911 will be notified. Only the principal or health office can send a child home.

If a student needs medication to be administered during school hours, the principal and/or nurse/health assistant will be responsible for the medication. By law, no medication can be given to a child if the proper form (available in health office) which gives us the permission and special instructions is not on file.

Physical Education

The P.E. program is required of all students. It is designed to assist students in psychomotor development, teach sportsmanship and develop physical skills. If health does not permit a student may be excused from activity with a doctor’s note.

Service Providers

Outside agencies are allowed to provide health/support services for your child and family at school. These providers obtain informed consent from the parent or guardian before beginning any service. Space to meet is provided at school.

Special Education

The Special Education component of the curriculum consists of many programs that meet the special needs of qualified students. The programs offered are A, B, C, or D level at the primary and intermediate level, speech, and gifted.

Safe School Response Plan

Our school is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students and employees. Our safety team meets and plans monthly drills all year long.

Fire Drills

Fire drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution. When the alarm sounds, everyone should obey promptly and clear the building as quickly and quietly as possible.

Evacuation Drills

  1. Students will exit and form a single file line to the designated area.
  2. When directed students will walk from the playground and stand in line with their class until buses arrive to take students to the nearest school.
  3. Safety staff will be stationed along the route to direct students.
  4. Teachers are responsible for supervising and managing his/her class.
  5. Parents will be notified through the news media.


The first bell rings (7:50 a.m.). The tardy bell rings at 7:55 a.m. A student who is late needs to report to the office before reporting to his/her classroom. Students who are tardy to school are a huge disruption to the start of the school day.

Telephone Use

Students may only use the telephone on an emergency basis. Students may not use the phone to ask permission to go home with a friend or to stay for games after school. Please work out a plan with your child before school.


Students cannot bring small toys, stuffed animals, or sports equipment to school to play with. They become a distraction in the classroom, can be broken or lost. A good idea is to check your child’s backpack and pockets on a regular basis.


If it becomes necessary for you to leave our school during the year notify the office to begin the process. Library books and texts need to be returned before leaving. Make sure a copy of the report card is in your possession.


Free academic tutoring after school is available to students through the City of Albuquerque Middle School Initiative and Title I. Check with your child’s teacher to determine if your child is eligible to receive these services.


Our school encourages the entire community to be tolerant and aware of other’s religious views. Students may request to be excused from participating in practices that are contrary to their religious beliefs; and receive another assignment.

Visitor Policy

Visitors are welcome at the school. To assure student learning and safety are not compromised, the following visitor’s policy are in effect:

  1. All visitors are required to first report to the school office, sign in, and wear a “Visitor” badge during his/her visit.
  2. Only the legal guardians of a student are allowed to visit with or check out a student during school hours. All checkouts occur in the office.
  3. A parent/guardian visitor can observe teaching/learning with 24 hour notice. No interacting with students or teachers is allowed.


Numbered parking places are for staff only. Do not park on a numbered parking space from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Visitor’s Parking spaces are located on the West parking log of the school.


The teacher needs at least a one-day notice to prepare for the volunteer. Volunteers must check in on computer in the office and must have a background check. Volunteers cannot bring other children into the classroom and are not allowed to conference with the teacher and/or socialize with the teacher/students.

Wellness Policy

APS has adopted a wellness policy which states that students may not be served sugary or high fat snacks in the classroom. We are asking parents to consider a healthy choice when bringing snacks or food for birthdays or classroom celebrations.

Year Long Events Scheduled

This is subject to change, keep current with newsletter.

  • Hours: M – F (8:30am – 4pm) 2 Hr. Delay 9:50 – 1:50

2022 MOTTO: Tigers are respectful, responsible and safe!