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  Graciela Velasco ex: 22509 Dean of Students

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Dual Language Progam

The Dual Language Program began at Reginald Chavez in 2006.  The class was a self- contained group that went from kindergarten through 5th grade in a single strand. 

A Two-Way Dual Language Program consists of:

  • Spanish-speaking and English-speaking students combined in the same educational environment to provide communicative and academic language development through an interactive and cross-cultural setting. 
  • Core content areas are taught in both Spanish and English, equally.  First language Spanish and English Literacy are taught in 1st and 2nd grades depending on the needs of the students.

The ultimate goal of a dual language model is to develop a Pre-K to 12th grade and beyond sequence, for truly fluent, balanced bilingualism in academic and social settings.

Please call the principal or instructional coach for more information about the dual language program at 764-2008.


Does it work?

Yes, definitely!  Bilingual students generally achieve at or above grade level in both languages.  Benefits are generally witnessed upon 2-3 solid years in a dual-language program.  Successful dual-language programs require a solid commitment of 5-6 years.

Will students fall behind if they are not already bilingual?

No. This is a myth. Teachers use a variety of methods often referred to as “sheltering techniques” to help students understand while they are working in their second language. 

At what age should children be enrolled in a dual-language for maximum fluency?

Kindergarten is a prime age for children to begin a dual-language program.  However, the success rate of students enrolled by the beginning of first grade is extremely high. Our policy at Reginald Chavez Elementary is to admit by the middle of 1st grade.  If students have participated in a dual-language program at another school, these deadlines do not apply.