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Counselor's Corner

Counseling Guidance Program

The counseling program consists of direct and indirect services. The school counselor provides classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and individual counseling using a brief, solution-focused approach. The counselor interacts with parents, administrators, teachers, staff and community to promote student success. Referrals and resources are also provided.

Community Support Liaison Mission Statement

As a Family Liaison, my mission is to help fill the gap between Reginald Chavez Staff and our families by being  available , listening, and connecting people and resources so our students are ready to learn.

Como enlace para las familias, mi misión es llenar el espacio entre el personal de Reginald Chavez y nuestras familias por medio de estar disponible, escuchando y conectando gente y recursos para que nuestros estudiantes estén listos para aprender.

Family/CSL Essential Functions:

  • Implement district/school supported outreach strategies where all families feel welcome, support, and encouraged to become involved in all levels of family involvement.

  • Facilitate, as needed, two-way communication between families and school staff.

  • Collaborates effectively with school and community stakeholders (e.g. families, teacher, counselor, bilingual resource personnel, school administration, parent and PTA).

  • Facilitates and coordinates various support services to students and/ or families and related programs.

Familias/CSL Funciones Esenciales:

  • Implementando estrategias de promoción apoyadas por el distrito/escuela donde las familias se sientan bienvenidas, apoyadas y alentadas a involucrarse en todos los niveles de intervención posibles para las familias.

  • Facilitar como se requiera de una recíproca comunicación entre las familias y el personal escolar.

  • Colaborar efectivamente con la escuela y los miembros de la comunidad interesados.  (e.g. familia, maestros, consejera, personal de recursos bilingües, administradores, padres y PTA).

  •  Facilitar y coordinar varios servicios de apoyo para los estudiantes y/o familias y programas relacionados.