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Health & Wellness Team

Gurule, Germayne
District Family Counselor
Rodriguez, Monica
Wilder, Camille
Social Worker

The Health & Wellness Team

The Health and Wellness Team

The core members of the APS Health and Wellness Team consist of the school counselor, social worker, nurse and psychologist. Other school personnel may be included as team members. These individuals work in a collaborative manner to provide consultation and resources to one another, identify and assess student referrals, determine intervention plans, and monitor student progress and program outcomes. All Health and Wellness professionals conduct themselves according to their ethical standards and codes of conduct for their profession.

Benefits of the Health and Wellness Team Model include: an elimination of duplication and fragmentation of service delivery, consultation among service providers that allows the sharing of interventions and resources, an expansion of resources within schools and clusters, and a reduction of Health and Wellness service provider burnout.

A primary task of the Team is the staffing of individual students who are exhibiting behavioral and emotional issues that are having a negative impact on academic performance. All students can receive services through this team process. The goal of the Team is to problem solve in a collaborative manner to come up with an effective plan that can help the student succeed academically and socially.

Services received through the Health and Wellness Team target specific student health, mental health, and social and environmental classroom issues. The goal of this model is to improve classroom behavior, performance, attendance and reduce dropout rate. (APS Health/Mental Health Team Manual, 2005).

If you are interested in scheduling a Health and Wellness Team meeting for a student, please contact your student's Teacher or the Counselor.